“Laws are the engine oil that powers the regulation of societal norms and values, but Leadership is that engine. So the panacea for a regeneration in Nigeria are not sets of finely crafted laws, but;”
Laws, no matter how beautifully crafted, without good leadership to ensure proper implementation, will end up as a paper tiger.
To say Nigeria is a nation in dire need of leadership is an understatement, not because of lack of laws or the fact that our constitution is defective in so many ways than just the absence of a true federal structure, but because of the absence of a few good men to implement the ones we have. Our leaders see appointments as opportunities to be served rather than to serve, hence public service is labeled “come chop”
It wasn’t because of the infallibility of Rwandan laws that made the country what it has become today, after rising from the ashes of war, but because of the efforts of a few good men, lead by the President Paul Kagame.
We never heard of the rigidity of the laws in Dubai until we saw the beauty that the country has become, made possible by the leaders (a few good men)
The laws in Europe to enhance a better society and create better standards and prosperity for mankind were not drafted by God for the society, but by a few good men, who thereafter ensured that their society lived by those sets of laws.
Every society no matter how barbaric desires such men, hence In 2011, after going through a tortuous journey of democratic experiment led by a few men, whose good we couldn’t guarantee, and in our search for ellusive dividends, we as a people desirous of a few good men, felt if we elect a graduate who didn’t wear shoes as a young lad,we might be on our path to building the nation of our dreams.
Alas, our man wore shoes in office, and turned out to be everything, but good. And in 2015 most politicians in collaboration with the civil society felt they had found that good man being a retired but not tired General, they had hoped he was going to perspire his strength to refire us into that nation which we had always admired to be, but alas, he has retired us into oblivion and insecurity.
Unfortunately, his fixation on the 97% who voted for him and the non inclusion of the 5% who didn’t vote for him, coupled with the hailing and wailing of the rest of us, threw through the window whatever good was left of these men whom we thought were good.
No nation develops with beautifully crafted laws alone, but by the deeds of the good men who make, execute, interpret and implement such laws, no matter how woefully made. This is where the men in our Legislative, Executive and Judicial arm of government have all failed us.
Without a few good men who will put the nation first before self,
Men who will see love for mankind as a religion rather this Christain, Muslim dichotomy,  Good men who will not fan the embers of Boko Haram and arm bandits by granting them amnesty and rehabilitation while our soldiers and people are allowed to die endlessly,  Men who would say what they mean and mean what they say, Men who will not openly embrace nepotism, even after promising to be equitable, but would rather see merit in anyone, irrespective of tribe or tongue. Men who will not deodorize corruption, but painfully fight it by putting in place processes to make it unattractive, men who will see campaign promises, not just as slogans for campaigns, but as a pact with the people that must be fulfilled. Men who will not be so deceptive to the extent of believing their own lies, or wanting to borrow $500m to enable us compete with CNN when with all the money spent so far we have not even been able to compete with Channels TV & AIT.
Without such men, Even if we refederate our nation, copy hook line and sinker the American Electoral Laws, adopt English Parliamentary System of government, or craft beautiful laws, like the Europeans, No matter how much of restructuring we do, or pray endlessly for Nigeria, we would remain in darkness despite the abundance of light.
Can men can still be found amongst us, I dare say YES.
Anyway my wishes are just mere tall, ambitious and impossible dreams, against our current political reality with our present set of leaders, where everyone is waiting for their turn to chop or would rather pray than work)
My Advocacy therefore would be, if we must restructure and progress as a nation, we must first and foremost seek not the amendment of our constitution, because the current crop of rulers will always amend it to soothe themselves, but rather than pray endlessly, let’s go tell it in Gaas, publish it in the street of Askelon, search for them wherever they may be, A FEW GOOD MEN and when we find them, push and support them, with the will and zeal with which we supported Jonathan in 2011 before he found his shoes, or the strength we collectively had to defile the sun and rain to support Buhari in 2015 before he misplaced his result in INEC server and changed his next level.
Then and only then can we talk of change or the beginning of creating a country where peace, Justice, equality and fairness will reign, otherwise we will continue to idolize mediocrity as good governance and celebrate the demonstration of a few crazy people,  in the madness we call democracy.
I beg to rise.
@Liborous Oshoma Esq.