Minister for Transportation, Rotimi Ameachi has distanced himself  from the  internal wrangling rocking the his party, the All Progress Congress,APC both in his home state, Rivers and at the National level , he said he has “maintain a sit down look”meaning a laissez-faire posture .
Speaking on a Broadcast programme Arise-Interview on Tuesday, Rotimi Ameachi condemned some utterances made  in a viral video by a  group loyal to him who are  threatening  violence if anything is done against him.
He said, “First, Rivers state has gone down so badly to an abysmal failure and it doesn’t look like the state I left years ago. I don’t believe that violence  is the right process and no matter how angry you are and no matter how institutions are manipulated . if you think what is happening in the state judiciary is wrong then go the court of Appeal , then you go the Supreme court. Ensure you exhaust all due process. However, what you see is frustration where people just sit down and churn out orders from here and there. And as my supporters you should know that you can’t  take laws into your hands because I don’t respect the law but I fear the law and breaking the law can put you in jail.”
On his  quiet posture towards the political crises rocking the APC in Rivers and at National level , the Minister for Transportation said the Party in embroiled in power struggle which he termed internal dynamics of politics .
“For the past 3 years i have not spoken ,I have been out the the public scene because my desire is to focus on development . my desire is that by the time i left office my children , my supporters and my friends will be proud of my achievements with the support of the President . so, i don’t engage in politics for now , I am not a politician. What  is happening in APC i don’t know and believe me I don’t what to know so, done ask that question.What is happening now is internal dynamics of politics . it is power struggle .There is nothing new . I am sit down look , i am not helpless but not interested in politics .