The Executive Jet Services , the airline that transported Nigerian musician, Azeez Fashola popular known as Naira Marley from Lagos to Abuja has described the musician and his group ”a bunch of useless people”.
Sam Iwu, the company chief executive officer, in a letter on Monday, apologized over the controversial incident that led to the company being suspended.
According to the Chairman, there was no indication from the names in the manifest that Naira Marley was part of the flight. He said it was assumed that the Minister of Works and Housing was actually the person that was traveling.
He said  ” In addition, it was the approval already secured for the airlift of Justice Adefope Okoji, who was already in Abuja that was used to fly Babatunde, who later turned out to be Naira Marley and his entourage.
 In a letter of apology to the Minister, signed by the Chairman/CEO of the company, Executive Jet Services explained
“So on Saturday morning, 13th June, 2020 my staff called and told me that they have a charter flight to Abuja and that the passengers were already at the lounge. “As a rule, passenger manifest is always sent to me before any departure.
 When I went through the manifest and I saw Fashola Babatunde, I thought it was the Hon. Minister of Works going to Abuja with his men, so we decided to do the flight, since he is serving Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”