The management of Baraza Multipurpose Cooperative Society has again assured its members that the current challenges facing its operations is a temporary setback that will not last long.

Chief Executive Officer of the cooperative, Arc. Miebi Bribena made the reassurance on Wednesday in a letter personally signed by him and addressed to all members.

The letter titled; “We remain committed”, is coming on the heels of unrest caused by the three months extention of the payment of Return on Investment (ROI), announced by Bribena during a meeting of the cooperative last Saturday.

In the letter, Bribena expressed sadness and deep regret over the hardship caused to members because of the current crisis rocking the organization, saying their resentment, panic and outburst are fully understood in the present circumstance.

He acknowledged that the most painful part of the ongoing crisis is the fact that “scheduled expectations by some members may have been altered”, but stressed that the situation is currently being managed, and that the management takes absolute responsibility to remedy it.

Part of the letter read: “Dear Members,
We are deeply saddened by how our organization’s current challenges have caused you hardship. Your displeasure is understandable owing to the fact that scheduled expectations for some members may have been altered. The present situation is truly an unforeseen circumstance but management takes ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY to remedy the situation. We want to make a PROMISE to you that we will not rest until we RESOLVE the issues”.

The Baraza CEO, while calling for calm stated that implementation of the resolutions of its last meeting which includes refund of due capital in phases, for those who voluntarily wish to terminate their contributions has commenced.

He, however,  appealed that withdrawal of capital should be a last resort, stressing that it shouldn’t be done in a haste as its commitment to flatten the curve of poverty will be back on course in a short while.

The Baraza boss also promised that the management will provide weekly updates every Friday to inform all members of the latest happenings and in order to keep them abreast.