A Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State has slammed the State Governor, Senator Douye Diri over the claims that the his administration is at the planning stage of project execution in the state seven months after being sworn-in as the Governor of the State.

Chief Kpodoh described such Governor Douye Diri’s claim as a clear admittance of his non-preparedness for Governance in the State and lacking a blue print on how to move the state out of the era of total darkness due to lack of regular power supply and lack of pipe borne water with a water board inhabited by rodents and reptiles.

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, who is also a former Security Adviser to the State Government, said though the posture of the Governor Douye Diri administration in the regular payment of salary and pensions is commendable, the inaction of the present administration in the area of regular power supply on the streets of the state capital and ongoing projects is enough proof that the eight years under former Governor Seriake Dickson and the last Seven months of the present administration is a waste.

He said the basic amenities needed by the people is electricity, water and road,”When there is light, there is life. Look at Bayelsa state, Darkness envelope everywhere at night. During the Timipre Sylva administration, we had streets lit up. Even though Sylva administration was not perfect and which I have told the media in the past, he ensured that the turbines were working and there was no darkness on the streets of Yenagoa.”

“The water board was working and they embarked on water reticulation. The people could go to spots around the state capital and fetch water. Suddenly, when Governor Seriake Dickson came, everything collapsed. The water board was taking over by rodents and snakes. Now, the people are engaged in self-help by digging bore holes all over the city. These actions may turn to cause problems in the future. The Government was reported to have invested in the power transmission and distribution with state money but the state capital do not have regular power supply. Even the street lights are off.”

“Instead of the present administration of Douye Diri to provide the needed basic amenities, they are borrowing to buy cars and embark on personal pleasure. They cannot borrow money to ensure regular power supply, water and other basic amenities, they can borrow to buy cars. Bayelsa is becoming empty due to failed system. Businessmen are leaving the city. There is the need by the present administration to develop Bayelsa. If they fly over Bayelsa, don’t they see the under development and darkness?”

“We have heard times without number that they have cases in courts. But the case in court is not against the Bayelsa people. The cases does not mean the government should not work while collecting allocation monthly. This administration should remember that Bayelsans are their bosses while they are the chief servants. They must serve the people not boss the people into life of intimidation and poverty. They use state fund to promote their pleasure while the people of the state are suffering.”

“Sen. Douye Diri should start working. The claims that the delay is due to the proper planning mode being activated by his administration is a clear admittance that he is not ready for governance. Over seven months allocation have been collected and you claim to be planning. What was the campaign promise? They promised to build on existing foundation built by the Former Governor Dickson administration. Where is the foundation? Unfortunately for Gov.Diri, Dickson did not build anything worthy to complete. The claim that they will built Agge port in four years is also a tall dream. Gov. Diri should face realities. He should leave elephant projects that cannot be achieved and face provision of basic amenities such as water, roads and lighting along the streets of Bayelsa capital.”

“Most states that have benefitted from the Niger Delta struggle initiated by Bayelsa , have gone far in development. With Eboyin and Rivers as a good example. Before one become a Governor, he should have developed your blue print. Douye Diri was a member of the State Youth Development Centre, Member of the INC, and member of the National Assembly and served closely with the last administration, why is he giving excuses? How many years would they need to plan and how many years would they implement the plan? If you never had a blue print, that means you should not have bothered contesting for Governor.”

Kpodoh called on Governor Douye Diri to shun attempts to engage in excuses and to engage in practical policies of government that will alleviate the living condition of the people in the state, ”Look at the commendable plan to embark on urban renewal with the demolition of shops in Tombia, swali and others, they were left unattended to. The places destroyed have been abandoned and they have return back to haven of criminals. He should also embark on intervention policies to involve the people in governance and appointments. During Sylva, there was a policy known as quick-win jobs. The present administration should develop his own model where little little things are done to alleviate the present suffering state of the people.”

On the state of Bayelsa Account,Chief Kpodoh challenged the present administration to come out clean on the State of Bayelsa account as handed over to him by his predecessor, Hon.Seriake Dickson,” If the funding of the needed project is the issue, it is high time Gov. Diri tell Bayelsa the truth about the monies handed to him by Dickson. Government is about continuity. Dickson in his claims on compulsory saving policy must have handed over 96billion to Diri after eight years in line with N1billion monthly compulsory savings. Gov.Diri should come clean and tell Bayelsans how much debt are we owing and how much he met in government coffers.”