“With an estimated population of over 200 million people,  a lackadaisical leadership, coupled with a not too fantastic healthcare system and a virus that’s moving with  the speed of light, self isolation was definitely the best option for us in Nigeria”
I watch with admiration how world Leaders, starting from Trump in America, Boris Johnson in the UK, Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland, Angela Markel of Germany, Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos, yes our very own Governor of Lagos and other numerous leaders consistently allay the fears of their people and brief them of their government’s efforts at curtailing the spread of the disease, whilst at the same time taking questions on statistics and what to do in the event of contacting the virus.
Abeg put me for ground oo, I didn’t say our President was missing in action ooo. At least he addressed us.
However, whilst the Governor of Lagos and his deputy were having sleepless nights jumping between their offices, isolation centers and media briefing, (tuale to you sirs) the Governor of my adopted State Abia, was relaxed and telling us, that the virus won’t get to Abia because Abia was mentioned in the Bible. Maybe him no know where Rome de.
As people are dying by the minute in Italy, you know Italy is closer to Benin City than Ore. I expected my Governor, Godwin Obaseki and his team, to forget Adams Oshiomole for now and put structures in place, but listening to the lamentations of a nurse from Irrua Specialist Hospital, made me wonder how prepared my people actually were. No hand sanitizer, no face mask. Please don’t tell me it’s a Federal Hospital.
I was amazed to hear some Pastors requesting their members to pay their tithe and offering via online platforms. Make dem no make God vex for them oo.
The government is not only treating those infested with the virus free of charge, but giving palliatives for people to sit back at home.
Just last month, one was considered a lazy head for sleeping all day without a job, but today people are paid to sleep at home without a job.
It is therefore callous, inhuman and outrageous display of irresponsibility for any pastor to request tithe and offering from any member at this time.
This is the time for the church to not only say thank you to all her members for the support all these years, but to also look out for the poor and vulnerable in the society.
The church and mosque, representing smaller units of government in the society, should not just be praying to God (of course prayer is key) but you know a full stomach will pray better.
I thank some mosque and churches, too numerous to mentioned that have donated cash and materials to their members, but I want to encourage them to extend it to none members too as the best time to show and practice Islam or Christianity is now, for Jesus Christ said the only way to see the kingdom of God, is to assist the least of his brethren.
Even the Holy Prophet Mohammed SWS also admonished faithfuls to give without expecting anything in return.
Since our leaders either practice Christianity or Islam and both religion preaches unconditional giving at this stage,
As a way of seeking forgiveness and saying thank you to Nigerians for keeping faith despite all odds, I would therefore Advocate that our various State Assemblies, National Assembly members, members State Executives and Federal Executive Council should join hands with the private businessmen/women who have donated, by forfeiting their March, April, May allowances (not salaries, as they need their salaries to feed numerous mouths too) to the federal purse to enable us provide palliative and incentives to the poor and vulnerable, who became poor as a result of misgovernance and bad government policies.
For if such funds are used to subsidize basic amenities, we would have taken a great leap from our darkness of inflation and food scarcity to a new roadmap of giving governance and leadership a human face in Nigeria.
I beg to move and if you so second please share.
@Liborous Oshoma Esq.