Gunsel was the first automotive company in the Mediterranean to unveil her Electric Vehicle design in 2016 and it has successfully completed her working prototype of Model B9.

There were 109 engineers and R&D team that carried out the project among whom are three Africans of Nigeria origin. In total, they all spent 1.2 million man-hours on building the prototype which will be presented to the public on 20 February, 2020.

With a composite body made from carbon fiber, zero-emission, and noiseless drive experience, Gunsel B9 attains full charge capacity in thirty minutes, can travel up to 350km on a single full charge and reaches 100km/h in 8seconds.

Two of the three Nigerian engineers are a mechanical engineer and a software engineer, who were in pursuit of their graduate degree in the Turkish republic before joining the Gunsel team.

The Electric Vehicle design

They are Sodruldeen Mustapha (MSc graduate of Software Engineering), McDominic Eze (Ph.D. candidate of Mechanical Engineering), and Adebanji Adewumi (MSc graduate of Mechanical Engineering) from Kwara State, Imo State and Lagos State respectively.

“Fortunately, they just got their names engraved in the history of electric vehicle production while studying at the Near East University when they got involved in the project.

“Among Nigerians making Nigeria proud in the automotive industry is the acclaimed world’s best car designer Jelani Aliyu, a United States-based Nigerian automotive designer, who designed General Motors’ leading auto brand, Chevrolet Volt.

“Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is fast becoming a household name and also the Jos based Jerry Isaac Mallo of Bennie Technologies LTD who recently unveiled the country’s first locally manufactured carbon fiber sports car.

“Just last week, American social commentator Carol Angela Davis @carolangelad gave her opinion about Nigerians in the diaspora, saying they stand for excellence.

“According to the United States census bureau, 4% of Nigerians in the US hold a Ph.D. which is compared to 1% of the general US population, 17% of Nigerians hold a master’s degree and 37% have a bachelor’s degree. Nigerians are said to be the most educated ethnic group in the United States and are always in persuits of excellence wherever they find themselves,” Sodruldeen Mustapha, Software Engineer/Technical Team Lead at Günsel, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Source : Aledeh