A Non Governmental Organisation , the Act For Positive Transformation Initiative ( APTI)  said it has uncovered a clandestine moves by the Interim Management Committee, (IMC) Of The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to cover up the alleged N40billion fraud.

The Head, Directorate of Research, Strategy & Programmes (ACT) of the organisation , Kolawole Johnson in a statement issued on Monday in Abuja.

The statement said the NDDC had sent a request for virement to the National Assembly few days to the end of budget lifespan which is expected to end on May 31, 2020.

That the NDDC in a letter market ‘ SECRET’ is seeking for virement to cover up for the many extra budgetary spending and fraudulent contract awards that have brought the commission to its knees in the last six months.

The statement read ” In the secret letter which was addressed to the Senate and was signed by the acting Managing Director, Prof. Daniel Pondel, the IMC presently seeks for virement to cover up several illegal spending, like a whooping 400,000,000 (Four hundred million naira) purportedly spent on ‘Regional Communication Strategy/Production of Annual Reports’, a project the 2019 budget as passed by the National Assembly provided  N110 Million for.

Some line items on the virement list shamefully expose the frantic move of the commission to reverse the illegal acts that will certainly send many actors to jail.

The group said the sudden request at the middle of a investigation of N40 billion fraud in the commission confirmed its suspicions.

The statement urged National Assembly not be allowed the allegation of fraud probe to go under the carpet and not to allow any of its members to derail the investigation.

” The shameless virement request is an open attempt to further impoverish the people of the oil rich region and make their life even more difficult; the National Assembly must not let this happen ” The statement added.