A Bayelsa State-based Non-Governmental Organization, Integrity Group has condemned the recent attacks on the home-based grown BARAZA Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited and the personality of his Chief Executive Officer, Arc. Dr. Miebi Bribena by the Nigerdeltaconnect.com and the NaijaliveTv.

A statement by its coordinator of the group, Comrade Henry Ebilade on Tuesday called on the leadership of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, NUJ, at the State and National levels to sanction the two online media outfits over what it described as unprofessional conducts.

He said the conducts of Mr. Moses Oruase, publisher of Nigerdeltaconnect.com, and Mr. Saint Onitsha Miepamo publisher of Naijalivetv.com are bringing the noble profession of Journalism to disrepute.

He said with the series of their online publications they have thrown the ethics of the profession to the dogs by parading falsehood and maligning the good name Pst. Arc. Bribena.

Referring to some of their publications, especially the ones with the headlines such as Panics, as Arc. Miebi Bribena absconded to Ghana and the Withdrawal of Appellation Pastor, Ebilade said it violated the known ethics of the Journalism profession.

“The journalism profession, according to him is all about the presentation of facts without any bias, but, with their reports, it glaringly showed that the two publishers are hell bent on pulling down BARAZA Cooperative Society, and as well tarnish the image of Arc. Dr. Bribena.”

He said their publications had inflicted untold hardship on over 25,000 members of the BARAZA Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited.

Stressing the need for the NUJ at the State and National levels to wield its sledgehammer on the two practitioners, he said it would serve as a deterrent to others.

According to him, what these two people are doing, especially name callings and mudslinging is purely Yellow Journalism.

How dare you say that somebody abscond to Ghana without shreds of evidence to back it up. Not only this, you are alleging a man of God of immorality without having facts to back up your allegations.

Instead of lacing your allegations with facts, you are telling him to go for re-baptism and rededication of his life through Altar calls.

This is pure libel and needs to be investigated by the leadership of the NUJ at the State and National levels.

Arc. Dr. Bribena is an associate member of NUJ and has equal rights like every other member of the union.

He said it was sad to note that the employees of the two online media outfits are respected members of the Union but because of the ownership influence, their sense of news judgment has been beclouded.

It is on record that Arc. Dr. Bribena has been of blessing to the people of the State, and, every attempt to bring him down must be resisted.

The group, therefore, called on the leadership of the NUJ to call these two people to order, if at all they are registered members of the Union.