The chorus of insecurity everywhere in Nigeria is gaining momentum and everyone is affected by it effects like the harmattan weather exempt  Aso Rock where President Mohammed Buhari is surprised by it escalation because of the false diet that those around him are feeding him or just playing to the gallery.

In January alone, over 320 people have been killed by terrorists, bandits and herdsmen yet we have a government in power.

On Sunday, 02/02/2020, a unique date, Daddy GO fondly called by his followers and admirers, Pastor Adeboye led a “protest” or “prayer walk” in Lagos, asking for peace to reign in the Nigeria where  insecurity dwarfing all across states, regions and sectors.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye,joined league of those who will no longer fast and prayer for the country but to protest ,demand and anticipate for a change we desperately desire.

His placard read thus ” All souls are precious to God” meaning enough on this mindless massacres across the country where we have Army General ruling and citizens are taking to slaughterhouse on day bases .

According to him,the prayer walk is  aimed at ushering in a new dawn in our dear country, Nigeria.

He said, “The prayer walk was aimed at offering prayers and supplications unto God to save Nigeria from being consumed by insurgents, terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers, militants and ritualists in all our states. “

“Furthermore, we declared that Jesus who is the Prince of Peace is our Lord and King. We carried and displayed several placards saying ‘No’ to further killings and demanding that the Federal and State governments should rise up to their civic responsibility of securing the lives and properties of her citizens. “

“In addition to this, we suggest that the security infrastructure in our nation be overhauled and improved drastically.”

“It is our prayer and burning desire that peace will reign in our land. It is our heart-cry that our current security challenges will be a thing of the past.”

This is nothing but calling out a “failed government” who is incorrigible in the midst of all daunting challenges and Thumbs up that the “Redeemers”who have joined in the bandwagon that only the pulpit message can’t no guarantee safety because “heaven only help those who help themselves” that is why sitting on the fence is contemptuous.but it is crystal clear as  Senator  Enyinnaya Abaribe once put it “ we voted All Progress Congress,APC government into power because they promised us solutions to our problems but little did we know that we voted in PROBLEMS!

Abaribe once said we thought we voted APC government into power because the promised solutions  our insecurity but no we have invited problems !

And these last two…

US Visa Ban – This should serve us a better  lesson that we can make our country great than to make politics out of it so as to score political points. All is not lost yet. There are windows for tourist, medical and etc. to apply for visa but importantly we don’t really need visa to go anywhere if we look inwardly and harness our potentials for the common good and sooner United States will beginning free entry . Opportunities!


PDP and Protest to embassies over the perceived “miscarriage of Justice” on Imo State Governorship is another  slavery mentality. You asked for a review, leave it at that and hope for the better outcome . Going to embassies will change nothing .  Senseless!