.. says greed, selfishness silence Ijaw Advocacy

The National Spokesman of Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe has advocated the need for a formidable and united Ijaw National Congress (INC) for the advancement of issues confronting Ijaw nation.

Ebilade described as “unfortunate” the acts of greed, selfishness and disunity hindering the institutions that are supposed to be frontiers of Ijaw advocacy and development during times of crisis and national discourse.

Comr. Ebilade Ekerefe made the call during a visit to the elder statesman of INC and academia, Prof Okaba at his residence in Yenagoa on Tuesday.

He said “the Ijaw National Congress is the leading advocacy group that agitates for the development and struggles of our people, whose services are more needed now, considering the prevailing circumstances, threats being faced by our people from the present Nigerian government.

“The present Federal government is trying to bring in policies that poises a threat to our people and targets at taking our lands and ancestral heritage, like the water resources bill.”

“My visit here is targeted at two different things, one is to tap into your wealth of professional knowledge, you are an image of Ijaw nation, very courageous, determined and one who have spent a good number of your years serving ijaw nation, even up til now. ”

“Secondly, to use this medium to pass a message to our father at the INC to see how they can come together and unite at this trying time that ijaw people are faced with enormous challenges from the present Federal government, challenges of governance in our region and other burning issues.”

“Our regions ancestral heritage harbors this nation’s wealth, yet still faces the consequences of unemployment, land degradation, insecurity and targeted marginalization by external forces.

“We plead with you all in INC as our fathers, to try unite as fast possible and take the centre stage by setting the pace for us in Ijaw Youth Council as your children to build on, in most of these agitation for our people.”

Ekerefe also used the medium to plead to all key players, Elders and members of INC to look inward as fathers and take deliberate steps to coming together in unity to form a one unified leadership to further deepen the agitations and yearnings of our people.”

Prof. Benjamin Okaba in his reaction thanked the visitor and his entourage for the recognition and assured them that he will do his best as regards the various pleas put forward to him by the spokesman.

He further stated that the IYC is doing well under this present regime and commended the Spokesman for his fearless and dogged approach in the ongoing controversial debate over the water resources bill.

He said all hands must be on deck to speak in one voice against this evil bill which is coordinated by the Fulani’s to subvert the will and survival of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality and other Southern minorities who are solely dependent on water.