Alas, what the world has been looking for  has be found in Nigeria and mankind can now heave a sigh of relief. The cure and vaccine to the deadly cornavirus that has spread to over 25 countries, with over 73,000 infected persons and not less than 1,875 victims lives claimed is wrap up in corruption.

Thanks to our corruption czar, Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), who gave an insight at the passing out parade of 281 cadets of the EFCC Detective Inspector Course-5, at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, on Tuesday.

According the EFCC boss, he is strongly convinced that corruption is the cause of coronavirus and with his anti graft war he believe that waging war against corruption the cornavirus now known as convid 18 can be contained .

He said, “ “The EFCC is not satisfied with just prosecuting and jailing the fraudsters, rather the commission has concluded plans to reform them in collaboration with relevant government agencies towards making them better citizens”.

“EFCC has zero tolerance for corruption as our mandate is to kill corruption as corruption is worse than all the diseases we have now and I strongly believe coronavirus is caused by corruption.

“Corruption is a huge burden to our nation it has spread to insecurity, poverty, unemployment, falling standard of education, weak access to affordable health care, falling infrastructure and so many others.”

Lets assumed that Mr Magu lacks cognitive expression or he is uneducated about health matters but making such assumption on a telecast is nothing but gibberish. How can a zoonotic disease be caused by corruption ? If you say   the spread is aided by corruption that is plausible but the  spread is no, no.This is a slap on the sensibility of the world and china in particular who has zero tolerance for corruption , though their methods and styles of fighting maybe  cruel to the rest of us but  they are getting results.

We are as country is known for  fighting  corruption on the pages of newspapers and doing for media trial except few cases and as Liborous Oshama puts it  in his recent article “ A FEW GOOD MEN” we  deodorize corruption many who were  labelled with corruption in pass their sins have be forgiven since they are the ruling party , All Progressive Congress,APC.


Let me pretend that Mr. Magu has seen a video on social media where some set of persons spat on the a elevator control buttons and a commentor said this is how the  spread of coronavirus is being contracted  which  cannot  be proved because no one know how recent the CCTV footage is and that cannot be verified  so, it is another  conspiracy theory .

Mr. Magus  has  goofed by his comments. Corruption  maybe likened to a disease but not in this context . The world is battle a courage revenging like wildfire  and getting the a vaccine that will cure the disease is not insight soon. A clinical trials said it could take another 12 months to find a solution this is according to combine efforts of reputed drugs manufacturers which include  Johnson & Johnson , Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, Moderna, Inovio, and Novavax, as well as various public medical institutes and released a nonsensical comments such as that.

Magu needs a psychiatric evaluation if not worse comments are in the offing and make a mockery of us all.

This Last one

The death of Chief Security Officer to  Rotimi Amaechi,Minister of Transportation,Tony Iwelu who died as a result of an electric stock at Kaduna Hotel is worrisome .I am shocked by it . I had known Tony as a thoroughbred security personnel and a very diligent person. loosing him is a colossal one . my prayers are with his family at this  time .