Angry youths from the Nine States of the Niger Delta region have threatened to embark on a massive protest to shut down activities at the National Assembly and the various Nigerian High Commissions in the United States and the United Kingdom over the freezing of the accounts of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

According to the youths, the decision to move against the National Assembly and the Nation’s High Commission is to put a final stop to the deliberate act of wickedness against the region and prompt the international communities to prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to take decisive action on the inability of the NDDC to fund the payment of scholarships of hundreds of indigenes of the region studying abroad on the sponsorship of the commission.

Speaking to newsmen after a meeting with various youth groups involved in the planned protest in Abuja, Sunday Frank-Oputu noted that though they are saddened by the action of the National Assembly members to frustrate the NDDC and turn indigenes of the region studying abroad to beggars, “the angry youths of the region have decided to take the battle to them in Abuja and chase them out until they unfreeze the account of the commission so as to meet up with its commitments.”

“So we have resolved to give the National Assembly members 48 hrs to unfreeze all NDDC accounts. Two, we are also telling them that they should stop the unwarranted, unsolicited, oversight function they think they are doing to the detriment of the Niger Delta.which we know is because of what wants to happen in this country. How they will be exposed that they are doing this . After the 48hrs, if they refused to unfreeze the NDDC account we are going to take over the national Assembly”.

“That without fear of any contradiction, we are going to mobilize from all the states in the Niger delta and we are going to take over the national Assembly in a very peaceful but stubborn manner. It is to ensure that this national Assembly members, who felt without them no other person will exist, to conform with the tenet of democracy.”

“We will tell them that we are pained for what has happened. We are pained for what they have done to us. So we are of the opinion that since they felt that they want to do it the hard way, we will also show them that it’s not only Senator Omo-Agege that knows how to go to the National Assembly and steal the maze. That, we as a people, will shut down the National Assembly. Nobody will sit in that national Assembly since they said Niger Deltans, who are on scholarship through NDDC for their Master Degrees and PHD programs are all stranded in the foreign land”.

“What do they think they are doing, what do they want to achieve in all this. Under this Covid-19, people of the region are suffering with their families and have become beggarly in foreign land because of their studies. NDDC was about paying them their stipends, and then their outstanding school fees and the rest now they have blocked all that they could not pay anything anymore and the people are already complaining over there”

“We are going to arrange with them because am constantly in touch with them even in the foreign land, they are going to protest seriously to the various Embassies and possibly close them down let there be a monumental embarrassment to the Buhari’s government so that they will stop this thing, because we don’t know who is the President of this country at some point.

Is Buhari still the president? and if Buhari is the president of this country, and he has ordered that there should be a forensic audit, who then is Deputy Senate President that said he wants to stop it?. Who is Omo Agege that said he wants to stop the president’s order?”

“It is unfortunate that this things are still happening at this time in this country. The same people who were saying when Saraki was doing certain things against the president’s order, they persecuted Saraki. The same persons are the ones flaunting the President’s order so who is now better. So, when Saraki was having certain issues with the President, this same lawan, this same Omo Agege, this same Oshiomole were the people who were saying Saraki is stubborn, Saraki is this. We must bring him down”

“Today finally, they have succeeded and take over the leadership of the National Assembly and the President ordered a forensic audit and the same person are doing everything to forestall it. Just because of useless ambitious programmes that they have already mapped out. That if this forensic audit is possibly completed, so many of them will not have any face to face their communities. Because let me tell you one thing, if you look at the record of jobs completed by the NDDC that is with the presidency, and all other agencies like in Bayelsa out of the 105 there is no one that is you don’t have in records more than three, five projects but go to the communities, you will not see any project” .

“Particularly in my community, there are three water projects that are in the completed list of projects in NDDC but one self is not there. All these are things been put by National Assembly members they have collected the money. Jobs awarded to them are given to their cronies. When they are paid, they collect all that money. We have two concrete roads one the contractor did it to half, the other one they did not even go to site. Concrete works of N200million, there is nothing. There is no community in the Niger Delta that has any NDDC project. It is claimed to be cited but there is none for anybody to see.”

“We are talking of over N300 million that had gone down the drain for nothing. And you are saying oh we have just discovered forty billion naira fraud so we want to probe it. That we are giving them 48hrs to unfreeze the NDDC account. or we are coming to take over that national Assembly and they will be surprised how we will get there. If they are thinking we will just come and then they will have police on the road to arrest us, they don’t even know what they are doing. We will enter there, and we are going to disrupt their proceedings”

“To tell them that enough of this nonsense if you have any evidence of N40 billion naira fraud in the the NDDC board, the EFCC or ICPC should be called upon to investigate it and submit to Mr President. Then the president, will ask if there are real facts but for the national Assembly to come and say because we want to investigate that so we are afraid that itself, has shown how petty the legislators are.That they don’t mean well for the Niger Delta people”.

“And the Niger Delta people, are ready to resist it to the latter. Omo-Agege who is spear heading everything in the National Assembly to ensure that this Interim Management Committee do not operate. The National Assembly too will not be able to operate. I think that is when Nigerians will know that the people are really embittered for what has happened to them. Over N3trillion gone down the drain all in the name of fictitious development of the Niger Delta . And some people have collected all this money, without anything tangible to show for it”

“We thank God for President Buhari, who have ordered for a forensic audit. The national Assembly has 48hrs to unfreeze the NDDC account to avoid the monumental embarrassment to the national government. We have encourage the international scholarship beneficiaries of the NDDC to occupy Foreign Mission and protest their abandonment by the Nigerian government and the National Assembly.”.