A coalition of former Militant leaders involved in the anti-Pipeline Vandalization Oil theft and Illegal Bunkering campaign along the waterways and creeks of the Niger Delta region have described as “pure blackmail” the allegation of mismanagement, stealing and diversion funds leveled against High Chief Captain Hosa Okunbor, the chairman of OMS,, Ocean marine Solutions Nigeria Ltd by a former Business partner and former managing director of skye bank, Mr Olatunde John Ayeni .
According to the coalition of Former Militants, though they have forwarded a protest letter to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to consider the allegations made by Mr Olatunde John Ayeni as being made under duress, sponsored and careless targeted at co-opting innocent individuals into his ongoing investigation by the financial graft commission over allege money laundering, mismanagement and embezzlement of billions that belongs to skye bank.
The coalition of ex-militant leaders, after an emergency meeting called by the leadership of the group, and signed by Gen FIAWEI PATHFINDER AKA GEN OSAMA, said preliminary investigation into the business dealing between the duo of Tunde John Ayeni and Captain Hosa Okunbo was due to sales of his shares in the OMSL Company..
According to the statement,”For the purpose of clarification before the general public Mr Olatunde John Ayeni approached Captain Hosa Okunbor and told him that he want to sell off his portion of shares of 30,000,000 Ordinary shares of N1,Naira each that belongs him in the OMSL company and Captain agreed and this was done on the 8th of August 2018,after proper documentations and papers has been duly signed by the both parties and on the 26th day of November 2018 Captain Hosa Okunbor transferred the sum of N1,000,000,000 (One billion Naira to Mr Olatunde John Ayeni through his Sterling Bank account in Central Area branch in Abuja, Account name bearing Olutoyi estate development and services Ltd, an account owned by Mr Tunde John Ayeni.”
“And the balance sum was paid fully in March 2019,and this informations was also forwarded to the Coorperate Affairs Commission(CAC) for further notification that Mr Tunde John Ayeni has soled out all his shares of 73,150,000 ordinary shares he has in OMSL Company wish was now transferred to Wells Property Development Company Ltd owned by Chief Captain Hosa Okunbor.Base on this fact of agreement Mr Olatunde John Ayeni also resigned his position as Director in Ocean marine Solutions Company Ltd, (OMSL) therefore Mr Tunde Ayeni is no longer a Director and a shareholder of Ocean marine solutions Company Ltd and his subsidiaries”.
“We therefore seize this opportunity to condemn in totality the purported cheap blackmail false allegations of lies cooked and doctored by Mr Olatunde John Ayeni and his co hill fated travelers who are enemies of progress that are out to dent his name and drag the name of Captain Hosa Okunbor to the mode and trying to marline the ocean marine solutions Company to bad lights. We also warn that Mr Tunde John Ayeni with his co-travelers who are plotting these false allegations against Captain Hosa should desist from this inhuman wicked malicious devilish act or else we the Ex Militants in the Niger Delta would have no choice to declare them wanted and including their families and their properties will not be spared”
“Enough is enough and we will put a final stop to those who attacking Captain Hosa Okunbor who is our kinsman from the Niger Delta that has created a lot of job opportunities for the youths in the Niger Delta region through his pipeline surveillance contract job in the creeks of the region”.
“Therefore the ex-Militant groups call on president Muhammadu Buhari, the Acting chairman of Economic and Financial Crime commission and the General public to ignore and disregard this malicious, cheap blackmail and false allegations against Captain Hosa is just a calculated attempt to drag the name of Captain Hosa Okunbor and the Ocean marine solutions Company name to the mode and the general public with the presidency and the Inspector General of police should not take their paid adverts and petitions flying on the pages of newspaper seriously and disregard all the purported fraudulent claims made by Mr Olatunde John Ayeni and Co”.