Hundreds of Ex-Militant leaders from the Nine States of the Niger Delta Region have appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari not to assent to the plan by some few politicians and the report by the five-man investigative committee to probe the alleged corrupt charges against the suspended Presidential Amnesty Committee Boss, Professor Quaker Charles Dokubo and to reinstate him back to office.
The ex-militant Youths, under the aegis of the Concerned Niger Deltans for Sustainable Development (CNDSD) and Niger Deltans for Accountability and Good Governance (NDAGG), said though the revelation that some politicians want to smuggle back the suspended amnesty boss is shocking and provocative, the decision by President Muhammadu Buhari to shun the clandestine plan and refuse to sign the memo of Dokubo’s recall is commendable.
The National Coordinator of the CNDSD/NDAGG, Comrade Ken Ogbise, while speaking with newsmen in Yenagoa, pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari that he should not reinstate Prof. Charles Dokubo the suspended Amnesty Coordinator, “Niger Deltans are completely against any reinstatement of Prof. Dokubo. We appeal to President Buhari to appoint a leader from the grassroots.”
” The ex-agitators are suffering in-light of the COVID-19 lockdown. Members of the interim caretaker committee are all operating from inside the NSA’s office, and we don’t have access to them. They are not from the Niger Delta region, and they are not conversant with issues facing our region and people. “
” The committee have concluded their investigations which is what they were setup to do, therefore, we humbly call on President Buhari to appoint a substantive Amnesty Coordinator that will urgently outline programmes and initiatives that will alleviate the sufferings of ex-agitators and their family across the region.”
“The Amnesty programme should not be allowed to decay. we humbly call for an inter-agency probe into the five – days uninterrupted looting of the N60-billion training facility in Boro-town, Bayelsa state. There are military barracks and police stations nearby, but Prof. Dokubo and his team did not call for assistance for 5 days until the entire facility was looted. President Buhari, please somebody should be held accountable”.
The group also condemned the conduct of the probe panel set up by the National Security Adviser to probe the alleged large scale fraud within the Presidential Amnesty Office under suspended Coordinator, Professor Chalrse Dokubo,” we have lost confidence in the probe panel and its tainted report. A committee that was set up to probe a huge fraud and evidences supplied by contractors, vendors and others, but only to wake up and discover that the alleged fraudulent culprit is being smuggled back to office.”
“We call on the probe panel to make open the outcome on the five days uninterrupted looting at the Amnesty Vocational Centre in Boro-town, Kaima.“