The leadership of the Egbesu Sacred Order (ESO) has passed a vote of no confidence on Godswill Akpabio Minister of Niger Delta and Charles Dokubo, and Coordinator of Presidential Amnesty Programme.
ESO, in a statement by it Coordinator , Ellington Bakumor, said  the duo of Godswill Akpabio and Charles Dokubo are causing a major set back in the wheel progress in the region.
” We pass a vote of no confidence on Prof Charles Dokubo and Godswill Akpabio, the duo are retrogressive elements for the the Buhari led government, clearly their presence and actions are threats to the existing peace being enjoyed
” We once again wish to remind the Avengers that they have in their statements claimed to owe their allegiance to the well being of Niger Delta people, but should do so within the armbits of the law, while we further appeal to the Presidency not to pay deaf ears to the yearnings of the people, as we fear that defiance may truncate the existing peace in the region, as it is our earnest desire for peace and tranquility to reign”,
” That we also call on President Muhammadu Buhari to act swiftly by consulting the Niger delta leaders beyond party lines and across all boards to find suitable replacements for both the Amnesty office and the NDDC”,
Meanwhile, the group has questioned the whereabouts of the Niger delta Avengers, accusing the group of disguising themselves as freedom fighters to pursue a selfish purpose, only to vanish when Ijaw people need them most.
”We wondered why the Avengers will be silent at this critical time when impunity now relaxes untamed in the NDDC as the rights and voice of the commoners have been pocketed by Godswill akpabio, who has imposed himself as a feudal lord of the commission, by deliberately refusing to act inline with the commission’s act, so he puts it.”
” We question with all sincerity, why after all the lives that have been lost, all the arms that have been dropped, the agreements made with the Nigerian Government, yet the position of the coordinator of the Amnesty office is still vacant up till this moment, why has the Avengers gone dumb?, Why the silent against the unconstitutional actions of Godswill Akpabio, a clear case of a feudal lord dictating the activities of the NDDC”, he said.