Truth is not the absence of falsehood, but the ability to uphold a fact or belief that is accepted as true irrespective of whose ox is gored and until truth stands  tall in our country, justice and a sane society will continually elude us.
What is our truth? I ask this simple question because with the covid 19 pandemic, the past few weeks have further exposed our deceit, lies, propaganda and bare faced falsehood as a government and people in Nigeria.
Is it with the death of the Chief of Staff to the President or the lies and uncertainties about the death in Kano, to the crowd at most of the burials?
But while people in Lagos were complaining about the crowd at the burial of Sheikh Goni Modu Goni Kolo, a revered cleric in Maiduguri last week, we kept silent in the face of the mammoth crowd and traffic in Lagos on the 4th of May, despite the state government directives to the contrary.
We refused to discuss re-federating the country, but our State Governor’s who had hitherto criticized previous government for deporting citizens from their states, now deports almajiris with ease.
Kano State Governor chose to relax lockdown in the midst of increasing numbers of Coronavirus patients, death and chaos yet he is neither corrected by his Advisers nor criticized by northern leaders, because he is from the same place with them.
An Attorney General charges Funke Akindele for violating the social distance regulations, but gather a crowd of journalist, much more than that of the accused to explain his legal triumph. We are told to look the other way because as ministers in the temple of Justice, we should only see evil and hear evil, but must not speak evil. What then is our truth?
A National Assembly is confronted with a pandemic and lack of adequate legislation to deal with the situation and rather than confront the executive to find a home grown approach and methodology to combating same, they must copy and paste a 1977 Singaporean law to compulsorily vaccinate the ordinary people and compel them to comply, failure which they can be punished. Yet the same Assembly is not channeling the same energy to create legislation that would compel action towards finding a local vaccine/treatment despite the abundance of natural resources in Nigeria.
A private institution spends its time and money to research and create a cure for a pandemic, yet our government looks the other way, because it didn’t come from a foreign country, or is it because of the donations coming in.
An opposition Party once out of government begins to criticize everything they once held tenaciously to as the truth, whilst the ruling party begins to do exactly what they once condemned and criticized. Yet the wailers and hailers queue behind them.
EFCC recovered and confiscated assets of so many former government officials, yet government claims to be looking for private properties to convert to isolation centers.
A President is unavailable to answer burning questions, provide leadership and give answers to concise questions and a clear cut direction in a pandemic situation, apart from a pre-recorded broadcast and we refuse to inform him, that that’s a recipe for failure and disaster, because we want to be politically correct.
We divert money and palliatives meant for the poor in a war situation into private use, forgetting that we might not be alive to spend such money, and the government is too calm to investigate same.
Government issues directives and instructions on managing the crisis, while those in government flouts them without sanctions, the rest of us bluntly refuse to comply, yet we want the abatement of the pandemic.
You claim to be a member of the Civil Society organization, but display incivility in the larger society whilst bashing the government for simply following in your steps. What is your truth?
And I am sure, when all of this is over, Pastors and Imams will tell their  faithfuls to come for thanksgiving with naira, pounds, dollars and euro to celebrate the defeat of the virus, despite not doing anything to contribute to the cure. Foolishly we must all go, as they say, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. We all must find our truth.
We close our land borders to become self sufficient in food production, but in the face of a pandemic, we don’t have enough food to give to the poor. Yet we all maintain a conspiracy of silence.
We copied democracy and refused to either practice it or modify it to suite our peculiarities, yet expect to excel in it.
My advocacy today would be, until we find our truth as a country and stand with it, irrespective of our tribe, position, religion or political affiliation, be it in government or out of government, because our leaders are drawn from amongst us, we will keep dancing in circles and pointing accusing fingers at one another but ourselves, until we disintegrate as a country, which if care is not taken, might be sooner than expected.
This is my truth, when you find yours, add it here, say it loud, stand for and defend it, even if you stand alone.
@Liborous Oshoma Esq.