A Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State, Chief Perekeme Kpodoh has described as “provocative” the rising numbers of Senatorial aspirants from the Ekeremor Axis of the Bayelsa West Senatorial district of the state jostling to contest the vacant National Assembly seat, saying aspirants should respect the zoning arrangement in the district to stop avoidable chaos between the people of Sagbama and Ekeremor areas.

Chief Kpodoh, who is from Sagbama Local Government Area, said though he is not against any aspirant from Sagbama irrespective of political parties, but those indicating interests from Ekeremor Local Government area are being used by those who would not disrespect the same zoning arrangements in Bayelsa East and Central areas of the state.

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, while accessing the preparation of all Political Parties in the state ahead of the by-elections into the two vacant senatorial seats of Bayelsa West and Central areas, said the decision of some greedy politicians to indicate interest and challenge the collective will of the Ekeremor-Sagbama people may cause division and disunity among the two local council areas.

He cautioned that the aspirants should avoid being used as a tool to fan the ember of discord against the existing arrangement should be very careful, noting that those sponsoring and instigating people against the exisisting zoning arrangements between Sagbama and Ekeremor local government areas are selfish and can not do same in their areas of control in the East and Central Senatorial districts.

According Kpodoh, “What we are saying is that this two local government are brothers and we have agreed that it is turn by turn so this Sagbamas turn, nobody should jeopardize it because anybody that does that, and any problem that comes out of it we will hold that person responsible .Like now we have member of the Federal House of Representative from Ekeremor and Sagbama should have the Senator.”

” Last time, it was Senator Lokpobiri. Next time it will be someone else. That is how they share it. Next tenure, Reps goes to Sagbama, while the other to anybody from Ekeremor. Those who feel they can scatter that plan are trying to set confusion, war, trouble between Ekeremor and its own brother Sagbama.”

“But the issue remains that they have to as a matter of fact, start to advise their people so that relationship, should be kept so there will be no chaos that is why there is peace in that area that is why when someone comes, they always want to see how they can develop the two sides together because they belong to us. What are we going do to develop the two sides? That should be our paramount concern. But when you know this thing belongs to Mr A, don’t drag it. Allow it flow because your son is there, the other man is here.”.

“We want Sagbama to bring out their candidate let them try their luck. Ekeremor should vote for whoever they know among the aspirants of their parties from Sagbama area. That is what we are talking about. Not by you bringing someone to come and set confusion. Now, some persons are coming out. And I want to ask, when did you start playing politics? Do they know how the system was organized?Or you just come from the moon and said you want to come and contest?”.

Chief Kpodoh, who is a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), accused some leaders of the party of the alleged involvement in the plot to instigate division between Sagbama and Ekeremor people, “And this problem they are trying to instigate is something that will divide the unity of two people of Sagbama and Ekeremor. It may divide us because of some few selfish person. APC is not for that. Let APC bring a candidate from Sagbama knowing fully well that the turn belongs to Sagbama and mobilise their people for it than going to set confusion”.

“After all the leaders of APC knows better. Theyy know that it how they have sustained the unity of their own people in Bayelsa East. And those leaders, should advice their own party members to desist from that rubbish that will cause chaos and Anarchy between Sagbama and Ekeremor.. The moment anything happens to the Eyes, the nose must bleed.”

” Water must come out from the nose. Unless they have an evil intention to divide Sagbama and Ekeremor. I don’t see why we will divide our house is it because of selfish interest. Unless they are saying they need power by all means. Or is it because we are APC members, we must use APC to go and collect the power that doesn’t belong to us?” .

“All am saying is that it is not bad to have the ambition to contest. But contest at the appropriate time. Like anybody that wants to contest for Bayelsa West Senatorial poll now, should wait after Hon. Fred Agbedi, who is in House of Reps to finish his tenure. Then you prepare yourself knowing fully well the next tenure is for Ekeremor. But for now it’s Sagbama so allow Sagbama to go and finish up their tenure. Don’t set chaos”