According to the great song of the Late Reggea artist, Peter Tosh; Everyone is crying out for peace, none is crying out for justice. I don’t want peace, but equal rights and justice.
Before I begin, permit me to salute some of our latest Emperors in Nigeria, for making our society a laughing stock.
I salute our Supreme Court for not allowing a big man like Orji Uzo Kalu to stay for too long in prison by asking the federal high court to start his trial afresh, on grounds of technicality. Soon people might have to turn to Ogun, Alika and Amadioha to get justice. As lawyers, we should be concerned.
What’s the guarantee that the next trial judge will not be elevated, transferred or retired before delivering judgement‬ after another 12yrs of trial? Ma bi mi ni jamb question….
I salute our Emperor ancestor, former Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha for always coming to our aid with huge cash anytime we seem broke, as barely a week after helping to repatriate $311m (N118bn) stolen by the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, the United States says there is a separate $319m (N121bn) Abacha loot in the United Kingdom and France.
How come we are not bothered about looking for the people who helped Abacha take out these funds, or maybe they are busy helping others take out more funds presently. But remember, like Abacha, you might just be sending the country money from the grave.
I also salute Governor El Rufai of Kaduna State for looking the other way when Fulani bandits descended on the town called Gonan Rogo and Makyali of Idon ward of Kajuru Local government of the state, even after SOS was sent by the inhabitants and their representatives.
Killings like these should wake us up to the discussion on state policing once again and a proper federal structure.
Now I want to salute Emperor Wike, oh sorry Governor Wike of Rivers State for his outrageous display of irresponsibility in being the law maker, prosecutor, judge and executor in the demolition of two hotels in Port Harcourt and indiscriminate arrest of people and vehicles for violating his Executive Order regulation in Rivers State.
A 24hrs curfew he imposed in Port Harcourt without palliatives and any opportunity to access food and medical facilities, despite the fact that statistics have shown that 66% of new positive cases in New York are those who have been indoors without any history of contact with infested persons. Why our leaders no de think or study sef? Anyway data is alien to them.
Whilst one cannot query the Governors for locking down the state to curb the spread of the virus, After all the Federal government tried the same approach in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja until they realized the unsustainability of full impact of a continued lockdown. The condemnable, uncivilized and obnoxious way and manner the Governor went about the enforcement of the lockdown calls to question once again, not only the mentality of our Rulers, but the way they see themselves and the rest of us.
Is it the demolition of Ayefele’s property in Ibadan by then “constituted authority Gov of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi or the demolition of Olushola Saraki’s house in Ilorin by the current Governor of Kwara State. How about El Rufai’s demolition of the house of opposition in Kaduna before and after the 2019 election. The recent demolition of the hotel of a known political opposition in Benin Edo State by the Obaseki lead administration is another case in point.
No matter the offense committed, the Governor could have sealed up the place and allowed the owners have their day in court by prosecuting them.
It is a notorious fact that executive Orders (including the ones made by President Buhari not too long ago) no matter how well intended cannot take the place of a valid law, not to talk of the violation of a fundamental right without recourse to the provisions of the constitution as to fair hearing.
It’s unfortunate how some of us, out of sheer politics endorse tyranny of government and turn around to complain when it affects us or someone close to us. How on earth can someone with his right senses be endorsing the wickedness Wike visited on the owners of those hotels. Like Falz said, “this is Nigeria” freedom of choice you would say.
Assuming, but without conceding that the Governor’s Executive Orders are laws validly made, it will still take the courts to properly adjudicate and pronounce the commission of an offense pursuant to same and appropriate penalty apportioned. It’s not the place of the Governor to make a law, execute and adjudicate on same. As that would amount to concentrating too much powers in one arm of government and as we all know, absolute powers they say, corrupt…..
My Advocacy today would be borrowed from the words of his Lordship (BIOBELE ABRAHAM GEORGEWILL, J.C.A.) (a Rivers State born Justice of the CA, In his concurring judgment In the case of FAITH OKAFOR V. GOVERNOR OF LAGOS STATE & ANOR. (2016) LPELR-41066 (CA),at p 46-47 thus:
“democracy thrives more on obeying and promoting the rule of law rather than the whims and caprices of the leaders against the led” we as citizens should refuse a situation where someone is put through the rigours of the criminal process for an offence not prescribed in any written law but merely on the directive of the Governor of a State. An action which if allowed to thrive in a democracy such as ours could confer on such office holders infinite, absolute and autocratic powers contrary to the clear provisions of the Constitution of the land, to which both the leaders and the led are subject.
For if we all refuse to allow such autocratic, absolute and infinite powers to fester ours will be a beautiful democratic society to behold.
@Liborous Oshoma Esq.