Ijaw Youths from Six states of the South-South region under the umbrella body of the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) has thrown their weight behind the State Governors over the decision to set up a regional security outfit and revive the BRACE Commission to tackle developmental issues.

The revival of the BRACE Commission and the establishment of the regional Security outfit will end the issues of insecurity and promote the unity of purpose needed in the region ahead of the growing political arrangements in the country.

A former Treasurer of the Ijaw Youths Council, Hon. Ebilade Ekerefe , who made this known at the weekend while declaring his intention to contest for the position of the Spokesperson of the IYC in the coming election, the action of the State Governors should also be extended to the halting of the alienation of the Ijaw people from Federal Appointments under the President Muhammdu Buhari.

According to Ekerefe,”we need to commend the Governors of the region for the decision to revive the BRACE and establish the regional security outfit. We support them and urge them to ensure that the youths of the region are carried along.”

He however expressed concern over the recent alleged alienation of Federal political appointees from the region and their replacement with appointees from the Northern region, ”a few days ago, you may be aware of the process of alleviating ijaw people by the Federal Government. All political appointments given to the ijaw people are slipping away from our hands. And we must not keep quiet and act as if it is okay due to different political affiliations.”

“I believe things are fundamentally wrong in this country. We, as Ijaw People, must come together and see how we will take a definite position on what concern us as a people.”

On the suspension of Professor Charles Dokubo as Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) and probe of the office, Ebilade Ekerefe expressed concern that though the sack of the Amnesty bosses have become a worrisome trend,” the truth of the matter is that the sack of the Amnesty bosses have become a recurring decimal under the President Buhari administration. And that is why there is the need to appoint those who understand the struggle and knows why the Amnesty office was establish under late President Musa Yardua should be made to manage the office”

“It should go beyond just giving the amnesty office to academia and when they don’t perform,you sack them. And that is what we don’t want as Ijaw people and as critical stakeholder in the Niger Delta.That office was established as a result of series of crises in the Niger Delta and the office has a mandate. What we should be talking about now is whether the Amnesty office is achieving its mandate or not.”