Douye Diri , Governor of Bayelsa state, has chided the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole and Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva for the protests that led to destruction of properties in the state after the Supreme Court declared him governor-elect of the state on February 13.

The governor, who on Thursday embarked on a tour of the places that were touched during the violent protest said of action of APC supporters acts of brigandage which it will longer be tolerated in the state .

The places visited were the Azaiki Public Library, resident of former governor Dickson , judiciary house, PDP state Secretariat, Ekeki Park and others.

Speaking to newsmen at the state owned Radio station which was also affected by the protest turned violence, the governor said “l am tempted not to believe that these people are Nigerians not to talk of being Bayelsans.

“You know it is very easy to destroy and if these are supporters of the APC, what the national chairman of the APC said in Abuja after the Supreme Court which is the highest court in the land has given a ruling, and challenged the ruling of the supreme court that there will be no governor in Bayelsa State, that ignited the riot in the state.

“In Imo state when the Supreme Court delivered a judgement, there were protests, not one or two or three days, they were very peaceful. Not one property was destroyed.

“However, in Bayelsa State it is a different ball game. The APC in the state has always been associated with violence, destruction of lives and property.

“You can recall that two days before the governoship election, l went to Nembe for campaign and we were attacked. We lost about twenty of our members.

“Here on the 13th of February after the apex court had delivered ruling, you now saw this level of brigandage, barbarism and primitivity visited on their own properties. Radio Bayelsa is their own property.

“As if what the national leader of the APC said on the 13th of February was not enough, after I had been sworn-in, the minister for petroleum, after initially calling for calm which was suspicious to some of us, truly being what he was, he came out smoking by declaring that the governor of Bayelsa state is illegitimate.”