“How far, my guy?”

“ I just dey like Dele but not Giwa” .

“Omo, how you see the reopening of International flights?”

“Omo, na to source for funds and leave this country because the way things are now , life no balance . Killings , banditry and raping everyday and it appears no solution insight’.

“Yes, this life no balance particularly for Naija. Change people don carry our “change “ run . Na one chance we dey”

“ I hear say the reopening of the International flights na because say their children go resume schools abroad for September and not for the masses “


“Na for Sowore mouth I hear am. Him say ‪“They are happy to announce commencement of international flights because it is time for their children/wards to return to schools abroad, September is resumption date for most schools abroad! Nobody is willing or happy to reopen schools here.”

“Ok, maybe as Gov. Nyesom Wike reopened Markets for Rivers’ people na because him and his beautiful wife wan go buy fish and peppers to make Nembe soup for their family “

“Walahi, your head correct! You no say the Jack Bauer guy, sorry the flagrant governor, no the governor general of south-south doesn’t like meats and as Rivers man na seafood be him favourite”

“Ok,okay. It makes sense to me now why he said Slaughter and Oil Mills Markets should remain closed so that poor man go find it tough and according to his talk talk man,Paulinus Nsirim,in a statement said all Traders in the affected markets are warned not to dare government’s directive and anyone that violates the order will face the full wrath of the Law”.

“So, Mr Bauer is not aware that fishes are more expensive than meat even in Rivers state where there are abundance of Rivers that people prefer meats and kpomo (Ponmo) at Slaughter market “

“E bi like say him no no say fish no dey for river again and crude oil don kill all of them and those we are buying at the markets na Aquarium fish and dey no they sweet well,well and they dey costly.

“The worst of all is, that governments are not helping matters to ameliorate the suffering of the masses”

“Do they really care about the poor man ? with the recent data released by The National Bureau of Statistics,(NBC) that inflation rate on consumable items rose by 15.48% in July 2020 compared to 15.18% in June 2020. This represents 0.34% increase compared to June figures. Also, on a month-on-month basis, the food sub-index increased by 1.52% in July 2020, up by 0.04% points from 1.48% recorded in June 2020.The rise in the food index was caused by increases in prices of Bread and cereals, Potatoes, yam and other tubers, Meat, Fruits, Oils and fats, and Fish. “

“See statistics! Who do you want to impress with grammar and data ? “

”Abeg , off your mic “

“Oboy , you sef calm down”

“It’s okay, it’s okay before DSS will invite us for chat . Please don’t put us into trouble’


“Ask me again.Are you not aware that if you say anything these days, you could be invited for a chat with the Department of State Services (DSS)?”

“Please count me out . I don’t want to be quoted like Dr Obadiah Mailafia that said someone in the Market told him that “a Governor is the commander of Boko Haram”

“Bye , Bye”

“You too ,bye

“No handshake?”

“Abeg , there is COVID-19 “.