Clearly, I was not by any stretch of imagination miffed when the the sad news took a life of its own in the social media. Neither was I overwhelmingly piqued by Boluokupe’s frivolous travesty. Not because of my dignified self conceit or any forms of righteous aloofness. Far from it. But because of my avowed stand to distance my self from matters of sexual orientation. Remember Boluokupe’s ignoble tale scored the headlines in recent times. As could be expected it elicited diverse views and positions in line with our social plurality.

For those who may not know, Boluwarin Okupe is the 27 year old son of Dr. Doyin Okupe, a political juggernaut snd one time special assistant to former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on public affairs. He was more to the point, an alternate spokesman of the government in those hazy days when the ship of statehood was undergoing a political tempest that finally led to the ousting of that government. A proud Ijebu son, he is.

The peace and tranquility in Dr. Doyin Okupe’s homestead was shortlived by the urgly news that his son, Boluwarin literaily translated to mean (i walked with God) had kissed the headlines when he took to social media unveiling his sexual orientation as a gay. Of course, the demeaning story went viral.

Dr. Okupe, the medical director of Mount Sinai, Yaba, in the heat of the sad tale, rose to the occasion through his twitter handle. He revealed that he so named his son, Boluwarin to commemorate his acceptance of the tenets of Christianity as a born-again believer.

The medical doctor was, to say the least heartbroken and devasted (but who wouldn’t as a parent and a public figure). After reviewing the whole incident, he took the whole drama with philosophical calmness, by resorting to the scriptures for comfort.

In response to the son’s declaration, he gave us an insight into his heart thus: “He knows that as a Christian and a witness (an evangelist), I am vehemently opposed to homosexuality as it runs contrary to the avowed precepts of my Christian faith.

“For me, I look beyond the physical. Here I see a major spiritual challenge ahead, but I know as my God liveth, this whole saga will end in praise to the Almighty Jehovah that I serve day and night. For it is written, the hand of the Lord is not shortened that He cannot save, neither is His ear deaf that He cannot hear..Isaiah 59 vs 1.”

Boluokupe’s sexual preference or orientation is no longer an isolated case. It is a growing fad that is spreading like wild fire accross the world. Perhaps no thanks to the efforts of globalisation.

This perverse lifestyle which is alien to our cultral norms and nuances has gained acceptance due in part to the societal decay. Homosexuality has been foisted on us by the process of acculturation of western civilization. The phenomenon is so widespread that five out of every ten male is bisexual. Not even our females are left out in the gambit.

From the lowly to the highly placed in the society, the act holds a special attraction as a new pastime. It is no longer an exclusive preserve of the privileged few, as it was in the 80s and 90s when the military held sway.

New converts are recruited with impunity daily to swell the ranks of the practitioners. The recruitment is made easy due to the biting economic hardship ravaging the country. Howbeit, the entertainment industry has always been a veritable recruitment centre because of its glamorous facade.

Sad to note that the practice is almost becoming a norm rather than an exception to the rule in Nollywod. Juicy roles are either given or denied based on one’s sexual discipline and not because of professionalism.

More troubling is the fact men and women drawn to this dastardly and satanic act have planted themselves in strategic positions in every strata of human endeavour from politics to the military and the academics. You can’t miss their presence.

Only recently, a teenager was alleged to have been mindlessly molested by his senior school mates in a boarding school in Akwa Ibom State. The mother of the boy went public with gory videos of the abuse as she demands for justice for her son. She told everyone that cared to listen, how her son was sodomised within the four walls of the school.

The distraught lady who was apparently traumatised alleged that, the school authority and indeed, the commissioner for education in the state were making frantic efforts to twart the course of justice. That explained why she took to the social media for succour. And it paid off, as the Governor’s attention was drawn to ugly incident. To think that such a shool is owned by a Christian Missionary group gives one cause for concern.

Without mincing words, one might claim that we are in a catch 22 situation unless something drastic is done to avert this rising trend. Otherwise it might be another Boko Haram monster that has refused to take its leave. We’ve had too many social ills starring us in the face, we cannot afford to treat this anathema with kids gloves.

Again, the Boluokupe’s travail throws up salient question begging for answers. Why do our leaders have the penchant of sending their wards abroad without a guardian to oversee their activities. To me this is no more than throwing a child to the jungle. He may either come out clean unaffected by the foreign influence or he may be overwhelmed by the acculturation process. It will without doubt take the grace of God to have that child back not distorted by the razzmatazz of a Europe. How could could you have forgotten so soon, the story a Nigerian whose son was enmeshed Islamic fundamentalist movement in Britain. The boy was eventually napped by the FBI when he attempted to bomb an American airplane.

It is about time we put aside our disparity and pride, in order to join forces in the fight against this monster. This bestiality gradually infiltrating the ranks of our youth. The sooner we this act in check the better for us as a nation. Come to think of it, the long term implication of our inaction would be that our national health Bill will skyrocket beyond control. Besides, there could a glaring loss in our national productivity as a result of illicit drug intake by these crop of young persons involved in the ungodly act.

This is my take this week.

Thomas Ebikabowei Peretu
A social commentator and political analyst