According to S. 14(2)(a) &(b) of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria (as amended)
Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this constitution derived all its powers and authority,
The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.
With the gradual easing of the lockdown necessitated by the pandemic Covid 19 it has become apparent once again that in Nigeria it is to your tent oh Nigerians as it is every man for himself and God for us all.
Otherwise, government palliatives will not end up in government houses and pockets.
When the numbers of the patients were in the region of 100+ we lockdown Lagos, Abuja and Ogun and restricted movement across the country.
Now that the numbers of the patients are in the region of 4000 and still counting, the lockdown has been relaxed, the markets in cities like Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Ogun etc are filled to the brims with no one observing social distance. So as it is, your health, security and welfare are in your hand and it’s up to you to take cares of same. As government attitude gives the impression that this situation is more of a “scamdepimic” than a pandemic.
Not to talk of the President who didn’t wear a face mask to receive visitors, yet expects to convince the populace of the need to wear face masks. Please don’t tell me about Trump not wearing face mask, no wonder most Americans believe he is not serious about fighting the pandemic. I didn’t say President Buhari is not serious about fighting the pandemic ooo.
Need I remind you of the public demonstration by the patients at the isolation center in Gombe over lack of medical care and food when they took to the streets and barricaded same. Government seems to have swept that one under the carpet.
How about the sudden transportation of youths or those we call almajiris from the Northern to the Southern part of Nigeria  hurled in trucks conveying cattles, without parental consent or knowledge, yet rather than take a wholistic approach to the problem with a feasible solution, we are busy arguing the politics of it. But if I may ask, how did they cross boarders that are on lockdown? Million dollar question you could say..
Even as we talk most of the northern states Governors are still not certain of the causes of the multiple deaths in Kano and Yobe States, thanks to lack of autopsy reports, at least for now all deaths can be blamed on Coronavirus, but Once it’s abated, we thank God and move on until it happens again.
How do we remain so silent in the face of glaring ineptitude and expect our security and welfare to be taken seriously by those who swore to protect and provide same, when same doesn’t even matter to us.
Government fails to provide health facilities, water supplies, social infrastructure, electricity for local businesses, transportation for goods and services, public utilities, despite the presence of the Ministry of Public Utilities, we turn to private individuals to provide same for us at exorbitant cost, we patronize same without complaining and turn around to praise sing the same government that denied and deprived us of these amenities. Yet you believe that your security and welfare is the responsibility of government. Wake up.
Imagine if Gen. Sani Abacha were alive and as ex president, donates N10b to the federal government to fight Covid 19, there would have been no limit to the good names we all would have bestowed on him.
I tell you, there are many worse than Abacha, in and out of government living with us today,. what are we doing about it?
I would therefore advocate that we all should know as it seems we yet do not know, that not the PDP nor the APC are the ones in opposition but the rest of us. As our government officials, be it North, South, East and West are united by a common goal, self enrichment, personal interest and protection of their security and welfare and that of their generations unborn. The earlier we unite along a common goal, interest and purpose, while standing for the truth no matter where it resides, the better. Otherwise we will continue to live in self denial until we are enveloped by the consequences of our silence.
Then and only then, will Nigeria spring forth from the ashes of mediocrity to the hills of knowledge, wisdom, peace and unity
@Liborous Oshoma Esq.