United Nations Peace Ambassador, Arc. Miebi Bribena has lauded proactive measures being taking by the Bayelsa state government at preventing the spread of Coronavirus code named covid-19.

Briefing newsmen as part of activities marking his birthday celebration on Wednesday in Yenagoa, Arc. Bribena said social distancing and restriction policy adopted by the government have assisted in curtailing the spread of the deadly virus.

He disclosed that the proactive measure taken by the government has assisted in curtailing the spread of the virus which as at the last count had claimed one casualty and infected the lives of 45 persons in the Country.

The UN Peace Ambassador posited that the setting up of Isolation centres, provision of health care facility and restriction and social distancing policy have put the state in a good stead to curtail the spread of the virus.

According to him, it is exciting to know that with the scarcity and pressure on hand sanitizers, local production and even through the hospital is in place, this disease up till now, there is no cure but there can be a lot of preventive measures.

The disease to the best of my knowledge is not fully airborne, in the sense that it can be in the air for maybe one or two metres and fall down.

If you are in contact with somebody that is infected, as far as your hands are not in your mouth or your eyes and you wash your hands with water and soap, uses sanitizers that could be a preventive measure and social distance.

The Governor is very proactive and up to the task in making sure that Bayelsans are fully protected. All I am asking for is that the Governor and the people in charge cannot be everywhere to restrict people. People should take it seriously and restrict themselves to the orders given by the government or those in charge of covid-19 committee. I know very soon, just like Ebola, Coronavirus will disappear.

Arc. Bribena, therefore , solicited the support of the people at ensuring strict compliance of the safety policy of the government in worship centres and other social gathering.